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Tracey Krier


(267) 393-0275

My Story


After being laid off of my job that I had for 15 years I started down the path of job hoping again. Bouncing from job to job and not finding my “fit”!

2 years ago I found my fit and started with a good company doing something that is great but the pay just wasn’t enough.

Last June my friend offered me an opportunity to make extra money doing something that I have already done which is share warmers and wax.
I thought it over and took the opportunity. I work when I want, how much I want and earn money on products that are 100% better then what I was using!!!

Scentsy has been the best opportunity I could have asked for!!! It has blessed me by helping pay my bills!! I work my own hours, I LOVE IT!! The best is the support you get from the Scentsy Community!

Everyone that I have talked to or even just listen to how they started you can see the joy on their face!!
I just want to share this with everyone because it has helped me in so many ways!
I am talking to people everyday and not being shy anymore!
I am doing lives on Facebook and not afraid of the camera anymore!
I enjoy my business and love interacting with people and helping them find the right product!

I can’t wait to earn my first incentive trip and not have to worry about paying for it!!!

I love Scentsy and very honored and blessed to be a part of a community that supports and lifts you up when you need it!!

What's warming in my home